The distinctive IP22@ distinguishes the innovative projects generated, or with impact in the 22@ district and in the city of Barcelona. Guaranteeing a high level of quality and innovative potential.

Its use is defined in the User Manual of the IP22@

Who can be certified? 

Any company, entrepreneur, or institution can submit a project and apply. The Evaluation Committee is conformed with innovation experts. The evaluation committee is composed of innovation experts proposed by the President of the Innovation Commission. The awarding will be made by agreement of the Board of Directors of the 22@Network.

How to submit proposals? 

The projects can be presented at any time during the year through the Proposal Submission Form. These will be treated with absolute confidentiality by the Evaluation Committee. This group will present the selected projects to the Board of Director of the 22@ Network. The evaluation will take place during two periods: in the first half of January, and in the second half of June. 


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