by Carla Escolà Costa,

Dothegap.com is the platform launched with the aim of filling an important gap in training: to normalize cultural exchange and transform it into a regular and inclusive activity. To guarantee a real and safe immersion in another culture at minimum cost. If a global world needs people with intercultural competences, let's open access to this kind of experiences.

Dothegap.com is the international community that connects people interested in organizing a cultural exchange without any intermediary or added cost. We validate and give visibility to all exchange proposals and our management panel and help content streamlines the organization of the trip. There is no limit, neither in type of proposal, location or time to carry it out.

What is dothegap

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Why organize an exchange with dothegap?

"Experience the cultural exchange as a real immersion in another culture at minimum cost".

Our Dothegap employees line is aimed at multinationals interested in creating an international community of employees and facilitating all kinds of cross-cultural activities. From family exchanges, highly valued by employees with children of an age to live this type of experience. Aupair search, or sharing a sport or hobby.

At the CSR level, SDG4 "equitable and egalitarian education" and SDG10 "with equal opportunities" are promoted. It is about travel with "purpose" and promotes "responsible and sustainable tourism" accompanied by the host responsible for showing culture, traditions and respect for their environment.

This innovative social benefit has a positive impact on the company, as it enhances the diversity of its teams and facilitates understanding among employees and their families.

Dothegap Employees

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Discover the richness of cultural diversity in professional teams

Know how to decode cultural differences in multicultural professional teams.


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