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Four different European cities, four different ways of running successfully an Urban Innovation District and one goal in common: innovation and inclusion.

Within the framework of the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018, we celebrated a special 22@Àgora last Thursday 14th November: “International Best Practices in Urban Innovation Districts”. We put together in a round table four of the most innovative and vibrant Urban Innovation Districts of Europe: London Tech City, Silicon Allee Berlin, Arabianranta Helsinki and 22@Barcelona.

Moderated by Antoni Oliva, Executive Director of 22@Network, and introduced by Javier Bernades, International Partner of Cushman & Wakefield, the four representatives of the innovation districts – Bhakti Gajjar (Head of Marketing & Operations of Tech City Ventures London Tech City), Travis Todd (Co-Founder of Silicon Allee Berlin), Tuomas Hakala (Urban Planner of Arabianranta Helsinki) and Xavier Mayo (Economic Advisor in Barcelona’s City Hall) shared initiatives, projects, issues and challenges, in order to find together the international best practices in innovation ecosystems.

Some of the main issues that were discussed were the leadership of the projects, the facilitating of the interaction and communication, the relationship with the academic sector and with the local communities, and gentrification and housing issues.

The debate showed four different examples of how tech communities have came to find their home in Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki and London.

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