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Catherine Antheunissens,

On Friday, May 12 the Innovation and Industry 4.0 Commission, chaired by Antoni Paz, has closed the cycle on innovation worldwide. The conference was held at FX Barcelona Film School, the first school in the world to implement videogame technologies in virtual film and animation production.

First, Natàlia Mir, Director of Innobaix, presented the conclusions of the first session of the cycle, and insisted on innovative systems. As she stated, innovation ecosystems bring more productivity and economic growth to the territory. She gave the example of the Boston ecosystem, explaining that "innovation is breathed", thanks to the conjuncture between industries, companies and universities, in which the most successful companies emerge from alumni of the territory's universities.

As Natàlia Mir claimed, Boston is the world's largest idea generation hub, created thanks to the investment of industry and companies in innovation. "The key to ecosystems is to believe in them and bet with money, otherwise we will find ourselves in a very disorganized situation."

Finally, the director of Innobaix highlighted the importance of public-private management, governance and collaboration between different types and sizes of entities in order to promote innovation.

In the second part of the session, Toni Mena, CTO of FX Barcelona Film School explained the way the works, the main innovations in the audiovisual sector and those they have implemented in their working methods. He thanked the "democratization of the sector" which has led to cheaper production costs and students to be able to do real wonders from their room.

In addition, he explained that thanks to the reduction of costs "we have freed ourselves from ligatures": Before we had to think very carefully about how to do things. Now from the software, going through the hardware, it has become much cheaper and allows us to do tests and change the way we work. If it doesn't work, it allows them to put the idea and innovation at the center of the project and not the cost.

Finally, he pointed out that despite the emergence of virtual reality and artificial intelligence in the audiovisual world, these technologies "will not take away the work of professionals", as there is a lot of very important pre- and post-production work.


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