by Carla Escolà Costa,

22@NETWORK BCN, association of the Barcelona Innovation District, is partner of the new edition of the Barcelona Start-up Congress 2021, one of the most important events for the entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem of Barcelona. This year the congress will focus on the concepts of innovation, talent and entrepreneurship in its broadest sense and framed in a post-pandemic context.

In this event, to be held on March 23rd and 24th, 22@NETWORK BCN will participate in two debates. Firstly, on the 24th at 9:45 am, the Director of 22@NETWORK BCN, Isabel Sabadí, will moderate the debate Envisioning Talent 2030 in Europe, accompanied by Claudia Dakhil (Founder of Meetandmap), Maryrose Francisca (Director and Executive Coordinator of Skills Xone Malta), Margarita Celedon (Intercultural Communication Consultant of European Project where Circle Economy) and Gabriel Rissola (Serion Scientist & Scientific Committee Member of Joint Research Center - JRC of European Commission).

Then, at 10: 30h, Miquel Barceló, member of the Advisory Board of 22@NETWORK BCN, will participate in the debate Innovative Talent Ecosystem such as innocities Barcelona- Tel Aviv -Singapore, together with Hila Oran (CEO of Tel Aviv Foundation), Anupam Yog (Mindfulness Coach & Urbanist a Conscious Cities), Ignasi Clos (Cofounder, Open Innovation Consultant, & Business Mindshaker at SDLI), Carine Lebecque (Consulting where projects related to Global Talent, Cities Attractiveness and Tech Industry at Mi Consulting) and Iolanda Triviñi (President of the Talent Commission of 22@NETWORK BCN and CEO & Founder of Valkiria Institute For Futuras).


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