This RMIT global webinar is supported by Barcelona City Council and forms part of the program for the Barcelona World Sustainable Food Capital 2021.

This global webinar will explore the opportunities, challenges and future vision of using space data for industrial innovation by bringing together representatives of the space industry as well as government agencies from Europe and Australia.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has disrupted the way production plants work by integrating smart technologies and cyber-physical systems in the manufacturing process.

DAY: 7th of july

TIME: 9:30 - 10:45

As cities around world transition to a low carbon future, how do we ensure our places and communities remain fair for all?

It’s often the most vulnerable who are impacted by the effects of climate change as well as the sometimes negative and unintended consequences of decarbonisation – from economic inequality through to social exclusion.

We’re seeing COVID-19 recovery responses call for the world to come out of the pandemic in a green and clean way.

But how do we ensure that the people who will benefit from this investment are ...

RMIT's global webinar will address how cities are increasingly adopting nature-based solutions for water, exploring its potential to enhance water security and ecological quality and to serve as a complement or alternative to traditional urban water treatments.


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