In September 2020, HR&A Advisors, New Localism Advisors, and The Global Institute on Innovation Districts convened a group of experts to discuss the role that innovation districts might play in addressing America’s social, economic, and environmental challenges – and what a new presidential administration might do to better support these knowledge-intensive neighborhoods.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its cascading economic effects have erased the economic progress of hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

Working from home has radically altered our relationship with work and the workplace.

By 2030, the global ocean economy is expected to double in value to $3 trillion, outpacing the growth of the broader global economy by almost 20 per cent.

For the last four years, Trinity College Dublin has been driving the development of a proposed new innovation district for Dublin, the Grand Canal Innovation District (GCID). The vision for the GCID is to develop a globally competitive centre for excellence in research and innovation.


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