On Thursday, June 6, the 7th Business Convention of 22@ has been held in Palo Alto Barcelona with more than 200 attendees.

Xavier Monzó, president of 22@Network, has welcomed the Convention and has assured that "the 22@ district has become the Catalan Silicon Valley and will concentrate, in brief, 50% of all the digital and technological professionals in Catalonia, together with professionals from creativity, communication and the new economy". He has presented the theme of the convention and has appealed to companies, universities, startups, the community of workers, researchers, students, and the more than 20,000 people who are part of the associated entities in the 22@, for living the ecosystem of 22@.

The convention, under the motto "15 years sharing knowledge, making the loop strong", has been inaugurated by Maria Àngels Chacón i Feixas, Councilor for Enterprise and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya: "We believe in collaboration public and practice by example, that's why we also recognize initiatives as important as 22@". Chacón has ensured that "technological progress makes sense only if it reverts to society". This is also the role of the administration, establishing connections and public-private partnerships and giving tools to organizations such as 22@Network to favor the entrepreneurial ecosystem ".

The event has been conducted by the journalist Pipo Serrano, who introduced the dialogue between Sergi Vicente and Xavier Monzó on the balance of these 15 years, boosting the district and the future of 22@.

Next, the Association has made a balance of the last year "The hatching of the district" of the hand of some representatives of the different work commissions.

Finally, the event ended with the deliver of the 22@Network bcn 2019 Awards to personalities and companies that have distinguished themselves by their activity in the district. The Awards have been presented by Oriol Barrachina, CEO of Cushman & Wakefield, sponsor of the Convention.

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